Other things to play with



Want to get a closer look at what goes on inside my head? Now you can!

I had a Full Body MRI taken at the Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences courtesy of Klarismo. To help stimulate interest in digital medicine, I'm distributing my head data for anyone who is curious.

You can download the files here, one of just my brain, and one of my head (including brain). They can be easily viewed using MRIcroGL or similar DICOM viewers.




I use this infographic as a way to quickly explain the disruptive power of machine intelligence within a very broad range of industries, some of them considered rather traditional. Freely distributable, with credit if you please.





This tool can help fix many problems in five minutes or less.





My pet assistance bot. She's not the brightest, bless her, and her personality so far is a bit unpredictable. Regardless, you are welcome to chat and play games if you feel inclined.