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Nell Watson's Founder Life Book

The Psychological Journey of Accomplishing Hard Things.

Founder Life explores the psychology and philosophy of entrepreneurship. Learn techniques to help find meaning behind the madness of this thrilling and terrifying rollercoaster ride. Gain self-mastery at the most trying of times, with tips on how to keep your hair on – without losing your shirt.

It examines the internal and external forces that lead a certain percentage of the population to choose entrepreneurial activities, whereas others are content to live in comfort, but without taking personal command of their industry.

The target audience is mostly young entrepreneurs, or people who might consider choosing to take an entrepreneurial lifestyle as a vehicle for personal and societal improvement.

The book provides an analysis of the special role of a founder/entrepreneur in our society and discusses the drives and attitudes that influence entrepreneurs as they work their vocational craft to fight for – and achieve – what seems impossible.



Final Draft complete. Under ongoing review, editing, and polishing in preparation for release in the spring of 2020.



Wavefront Cover Draft.001 copy.jpeg

The Momentum That Sustains Civilization. 

This book is a massive expansion of one of my essays, which details the phenomenon of how societies need to constantly find solutions to various environmental and resource constraints.

We are entering a period of immense challenges and hazards to the maintenance of our progress and living standards. If we ever lose the momentum that we have accrued, it will be exceptionally difficult to rebuild it, given a lack of accessible energy, nutrients, and co-ordinated human capital.

Over several sections, Wavefront outlines the various areas in which our civilization finds itself under threat, and also presents some potential solutions that might enable us to save the day once again.

This book also explores the latest developments in Machine Intelligence, Blockchain, and the emerging discipline of Machine Ethics. The confluence of these three domains is creating revolutionary new ways of organising society, and building trust between individuals and institutions.

It also enables revolutionary new methods of automated externality accounting, that can bring governance into the 21st Century, and to transcend the traditional dichotomous left-right trap.

Such elements combined will help to create anti-fragile future for us through the 2020s, and beyond.


Aiming to publish mid-2020.



Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks (O'Reilly Media)

Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) enable very powerful deep learning based techniques for processing, generating, and sensemaking of visual information.  This course offers an in-depth examination of CNNs, their fundamental processes, their applications, and their role in visualization and image enhancement. 

  • Discover the connections between CNNs and the biological principles of vision

  • Understand the advantages and trade-offs of various CNN architectures

  • Survey the history and evolution of CNN's on-going development

  • Learn to apply the latest GAN, style transfer, and semantic segmentation techniques

  • Explore CNN applications, visualization, and image enhancement

book Contributions

Patents (Granted, active)

A method of generating three dimensional body data of a subject is described. The method includes capturing one or more images of the subject using a digital imaging device and generating three dimensional body data of the subject based on the one or more images.

These core technologies, built on machine learning and deep learning techniques, enabled the Poikos/QuantaCorp body measurement platform, which I co-founded.

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