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My career in technology and entrepreneurship stems from a great early-age foundation I got from my engineer dad. Although life went somewhat off the rails after his death when I was 11, I got back on track later; by the age of 24, I was already teaching post-grad computer science. Soon afterwards I ventured into entrepreneurship, in various projects and ventures, in pursuit of lasting beneficial impact in the world.

In the process of maturing as an entrepreneur I have drifted into being a sought-after public speaker, facilitating a great many workshops, and delivering digestible yet informative lectures on emerging technologies to diverse audiences internationally.

As a keynote speaker, I have presented for Ericsson, Credit Suisse, MIT and many others. I have taught and presented in India, Morocco, Chile, Brazil, the Nordics, the United Kingdom and across America. 

I have built a track record as being insightful, imaginative, and broadly-aware, as well as an effective communicator and mentor, who can make complex subjects able to be understood by all. My work is regularly covered by Wired, BBC, The GuardianForbes, Vice, and others.

I have a core belief that technology can (and should) be leveraged to free us from the saddest aspects of the human condition. It is this same wellspring of passion that I seek to ignite within others.  

Hopefully some of my writing can help to effect this in you.

Connecting with scintillating young minds is my favourite thing in the world. – at IIT Bombay

Connecting with scintillating young minds is my favourite thing in the world. – at IIT Bombay

I'm best known for MY TALKS and consultations ON:


Machine Intelligence is as big a disruption as electricity was in the 20th century. It can seem confusing and hard to implement. This talk gives an overview of various terms and concepts, a timeline running from the past to the near future, and a crash course on how to practically implement AI within your business to create new opportunities.

CRYPTOMICS – A smarter, kinder, and trustworthy way to build a better world.

This talk explores the latest developments in Machine Intelligence, Machine Economics (Blockchain, DHTm etc), and the emerging discipline of Machine Ethics. The confluence of these three domains with the Internet of Things is creating revolutionary new ways of organising society, and building trust between individuals and institutions. This can enable a massive increase in global human wellbeing in the coming decade – if we get it right.


Our global society is experiencing an immense shift: Entire industries once considered ‘bricks and mortar’, such as taxi rides and hotel rooms, are being transformed into digital powerhouses. Physical objects are becoming dematerialised, democratised, and dynamically distributed to all, at ever decreasing costs, and incredible value. Understanding the vast, disruptive power of exponential factors, and how to make effective use of them to amplify ones’ activities, is the fundamental key skill for enjoying massive business, technical, and societal success this century.


The emerging field of machine ethics offers a revolution in how ethical analyses and transactions can occur. By making ethical decisions computable, we can give a sense of morality to machine intelligence, such as autonomous vehicles and personal assistants. Learn how we can best program these fuzzy aspects of ‘humanity’ into machine intelligence, in a way which respects differences of opinion and creeds, and yet provides adequate protection for humans and machines.


Intelligent machines are beginning to understand the needs, drives, and even values of humanity, with huge opportunities for each of our lives and our global society. These technologies can transform our communities, making our world more safe and secure, and helping us to manage precious resources in new ways. how can we make the most of these capabilities, and ensure that the spirit and wisdom of the human isn’t lost in a sea of cold algorithms? How can we retain our humanity, whilst growing past our greatest weaknesses?


A powerful, informative, innovative thoughtful and thoroughly-inspiring presentation.
— N.I. Chamber
Wow! What an inspiring presentation: thought-provoking and enjoyable.
— Emma Kieran
Thank you for the impeccable presentation. You are an amazing speaker and the entire audience was spellbound listening to you talk.
— Dina Bassel
Rare to hear an AI expert with such profound cultural & social understanding as Nell Watson.
— Mikko Jarvenpaa
The energy levels at the event were sky high; fantastic feedback from attendees. It was a genuinely provocative, and brilliantly presented talk - you could hear a pin drop in the room.
— Ian Richardson
We were very happy with Nell Watson. She was really impressive with many pertinent examples, and really thought about what would be relevant to us. Very happy with it!
— Suzanne Janse, Elsevier
Nell Watson blew the whole crowd away with intelligence, humanity, insight, and complex thinking. Just epic. The world needs more Nell.
— Pete Trainor
Amazing presentation by @NellWatson. Her lessons for the future have left me both humbled and inspired.
— Jenny Sprackling
Shout out to futurist, Nell Watson, who delivered an incredibly captivating and polished keynote that had the attention of the whole auditorium.
— Tim Parfitt
What an amazing finish by @NellWatson. Too many amazing ideas! An absolute inspiration.
— Daniel Harvey
Best presentation of the whole day. THE most amazing, inspiring speaker, with a smart, eloquent call for a renaissance of the heart. Thank you!
— Jamie Jefferson
Nell put each person in an envelope in which knowledge and insights have been lavishly scattered around. The interview afterwards also testified of expertise. Giving a talk is one thing; giving a Q &A afterwards and giving new insights is something else. In a busy world full of stimuli and speed, Nell’s talk was a relief, a resting point, a moment of pure contemplation.
— Mieke Vandewaetere